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On Differentiating Cardboard & Cardstock

OCC or corrugated cardboard is also accepted, however it should not be disposed of in the designated paper bins. 

  • On differentiating cardboard and cardstock - Corrugated cardboard (OCC) and cardstock are both accepted items but the method for processing each item differs. OCC can be identified by its multi-layer construction. The middle wavy layer gives the cardboard strength and keeps it lightweight. Prepare OCC for recycling by keeping the cardboard flat and dry. Please remove all plastic wrapping, plastic bags, bubble wrap, styrofoam and styrofoam peanuts, and wood skids. Place behind paper roll carts for recycling crew to pick up. Please do not put cardboard boxes in paper bins. Cardstock is thicker and more durable than paper but not as thick as OCC. It is often used in postcards and scrapbooking. Cardstock can be placed in the paper bins. Paper boards, like the kind used for cereal boxes, can also be broken down and placed in designated paper bins.                                                    

If you have a large amount of cardboard that you would like to have picked up please call the Recycling Center or fill out the Emergency Pickup Form. If you have only a small amount of cardboard please break down the boxes and place them behind the paper bin. If you need to dispose of shredded paper please contact Mario Garza by calling the Recycling Center (512-245-7733) or by filling out the Emergency Pick Up form. Shredded Paper in plastic bags is not to be disposed of inside the paper bins.