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Projects & Documents

The FPDC Capital Projects team manages the planning, budgeting, scheduling, programming, design, and construction of all major capital (new or renovation) projects on Texas State University campuses.

The FPDC Special Projects team provides planning, design, estimating, and construction contract services for alterations, renovations, remodeling, and major repairs to Texas State University structures and properties.

Current FPDC Projects

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  • Architect: Lawrence Group Architects

    Contractor: Vaughn Construction

    Design Stage: Schematic Design

    Estimated Cost: $10,600,000

    Estimated Completion: May 2022 (Projected)

    This project will provide much needed space for students pursuing a minor in filmography and media studies and will provide a significant gain in dedicated teaching labs that achieve a high degree of acoustical performance for specialized course work.     

    Status:  The scope of work changed from a renovation project of an older building to a new construction project after it was discovered that the Aqua Sports building’s structural system had deteriorated due to decades of chlorine exposure to the point that is not fiscally reasonable to restore the building.  The Aqua Sports building will be used only for storage for the time being and will be decommissioned and demolished later.  New site assessment is currently underway.

    Next Milestone: Selection of site.

  • Programmer: Facility Programming and Consulting
    Architect: Barnes Gromatzky Kosarek, Austin, TX.
    Total Project Cost (TPC): $96,760,000
    Total Project Cost (CIP): $132,252,870
    Contractor CMR: Vaughn Construction
    Design Development Approval: May 2019 (Actual)
    GMP Approval: TBD
    Construction Start: TBD
    Construction Completion: TBD
    Occupancy: TBD

    The scope of work for the Hilltop Housing Complex includes the demolition of Hornsby and Burleson Halls, utility upgrades, and construction of a new housing complex on the Hilltop area of the San Marcos Campus.      

    Status: The utility upgrades and demolition of Hornsby and Burleson Halls are complete.  Design development was approved for the Hilltop Housing Complex during the May 2019 Board of Regents meeting. The CCL was reduced to $70,971,092 based on 1,006 beds.  A review of the 100% construction documents is currently underway.

    Next Milestone: The Architect is scheduled to complete construction documents in October 2020, but the construction phase is being delayed until student enrollment rebounds after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • Programmer: Facility Programming and Consulting
    Architect: Alamo Architects, San Antonio, TX.
    Total Project Cost (TPC): $18,234,354
    Total Project Cost (CIP): $12,000,000
    Contractor (CSP): TBD
    Design Development Approval: November 2020 (Projected)
    Construction Start: May 2021(Projected)
    Construction Completion: July 2022 (Projected)
    Occupancy: August 2022 (Projected)
    The scope of work for the Infrastructure Research Laboratory includes the construction of a state-of-the-art research lab that will provide strength and structural testing for concrete beams, materials, and other advanced technologies. Alamo Architects has been selected to provide design services, and schematic design is underway.
    Status: Schematic Design.
    Next Milestone: Design Development Approval.


  • Architect: McKinney York Architects
    Contractor CMR: Kitchell Construction
    Percent Complete: 5%
    Est. Cost: $6,100,000 
    Est. Completion: May 2021        
    This project will fulfill facility needs for Facilities staff, receiving and warehouse services, the Environmental, Health, Safety and Risk Management Department, Parking Services, Mail Services, University Police Department, and the Office of Distance and Extended Learning on the Round Rock campus.  These offices currently occupy space in Avery and Nursing.  Once relocated to the new facility, the vacated spaces will be used for academic purposes.  Construction has started on the building’s foundation.

    Status: Site prep & foundation.     

    Next Milestone: Complete foundation.

  • Architect: Atkins, Austin, TX.
    Contractor CMR: JT Vaughn Construction
    Percent Complete: 1%
    Est. Cost: $9,000,000 
    Est. Completion: February 2022
    This project will include a new building for the University Police Department (UPD) of approximately 20,987 GSF and will re-locate UPD from its current home in Nueces to make room for the Testing Evaluation and Measurement Center.  The demolition of the Ivey-Moore house is complete.

    Status: The project received a GMP in September and started construction in October.

    Next Milestone: Complete foundation.