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Maintenance Shops

Plumbing Shop-Provides maintenance and repair of all University domestic water and wastewater systems. Maintains and repairs all building fire sprinkler systems. Repairs and maintains all interior plumbing systems and fixtures. 


Electric Shop-Repairs and maintains all of the University's electrical system once it leaves the University switchgear in the CoGen building. They service all building electrical circuits as well as the distribution systems throughout University building systems. They also manage and maintain emergency electrical systems on campus.


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)-Maintain and repair all temperature-controlled air systems on campus, both heating and cooling. Change filters and maintain all pneumatic devices associated with these systems. HVAC is responsible for all pumps and motors in the building HVAC systems and compressors for building systems.


Carpentry/Paint/Sign (Structures Shop)-Maintain all building interiors and finishes. Provide maintenance on doors and windows, and built-in classroom seating. Renew painted surfaces, and refurbish other finished surface systems such as counters and restroom partition systems. Maintain and install all University exterior and interior signage.


Night Emergency Maintenance-Provide any needed emergency repairs throughout the University weekdays from 5 pm -12 midnight. Co-ordinate emergency responses requested by the evening emergency service call operators (CoGen Plant Operators), and make temporary repairs to protect property and personnel until additional shop forces are able to arrive to make final repairs.


Shop Labor Rates

Service and remodeling project billings include labor charges associated with the performance of work by Facilities’ Shops. These charges are based on shop labor rates for each work center, which include direct salary costs, vacation, and sick leave benefits, and overhead.

Shop Rate

  • Air Conditioning $39.81
  • Carpentry $36.98
  • Electrical $38.84
  • Garage $35.50
  • Paint $29.32
  • Plumbing $40.13
  • Facilities Maintenance $32.34
  • Steam Distribution $39.11
  • Technical Services $48.09
  • Distribution Electrician $44.70
  • IMS $37.70
  • Round Rock $43.59
  • Custodial Operations $25.40
  • Grounds & Waste Management Operations $28.72
  • Irrigation $32.28
  • Recycling $27.51