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Billing Explained

Funding Responsibility

Facilities charge is to maintain university facilities in support of the university’s mission. Therefore, the focus of Facilities is maintenance activities, both preventive and repair, that ensure a safe and comfortable environment for University students, faculty, and staff. The Facilities primary source of funding, state appropriations, is designed for maintenance activities in Educational and General (E&G) facilities. State appropriations cannot be expended on services that are not related to E&G maintenance activities. Other services (eg, improvements or minor repairs) are normally provided on a reimbursable basis, chargeable to the requesting department.

Budgeted by Facilities

  • Maintenance or repair of buildings and heating, ventilating, air conditioning systems, electrical, plumbing, or other system and equipment installed as integral parts of buildings.
  • Maintenance painting of interior and exterior surfaces on a periodic, scheduled basis.
  • Maintenance of utility plants, distribution systems, and utility usage by educational and general university facilities.
  • Basic scheduled custodial services in classrooms, labs, meeting rooms, offices, restrooms, and public areas.
  • Maintenance and repair of basic installed classroom furniture and furnishings such as window shades, blinds, and fixed seating.
  • General support services to carry out the duties of Facilities administration and maintenance shops.
  • Basic scheduled grounds maintenance; walks, roads, and drainage; care of trees and shrubs; and refuse and recycling collection.

Charged to Requesting Department

  • Any facility or system damaged by the occupant and not considered normal wear and tear.
  • Painting or decorating beyond the level provided under basic maintenance budgets.
  • Utility usage by auxiliary enterprises or other activities supported by sources other than the University’s education and general budget.
  • Special custodial services and events are in addition to those normally provided by Facilities.
  • Maintenance and repair of special classroom equipment, special lighting or sound installation, office furniture and furnishings; lab equipment; and other departmental property.
  • Fabrication of cabinets, shelves, signs, and miscellaneous items; furniture repair (excluding built-in furniture).
  • Professional services performed by outside consultants, architects, or engineers and the renovation, alteration, or improvements to Facilities.
  • Special grounds maintenance services; athletic field maintenance, irrigation repairs and refuse collection in addition to those normally provided by Facilities.
  • Installation of equipment; requests for keys or rekeying locks and services required to set up for special events.
  • Vehicle maintenance or repair.
  • Design and project management services for all approved projects supported by sponsored programs or other non-appropriated fund sources.

HEAF funds are designated for remodeling and renovation activities. Facilities will not accept accounts designated with an X-6000 extension through the normal work process. All requests for work charged to these accounts are to be requested in writing to the Director of Facilities Management. 
With the exception of certain general facilities planning support, all services to auxiliary enterprises and other Non-E&G fund supported activities are provided on a reimbursable basis.

Billing Procedures

Reimbursable Services
Charges for reimbursable building maintenance services are accumulated and billed through the Work Control Center. Actual costs are collected against each work request and charged on a monthly basis.

Preventive maintenance is established against a specific building to collect costs for work performed on a scheduled basis.
Service requests are used for cost collection of work generally requested for emergency and routine services.
Special project requests are established for projects that involve new work or remodeling and projects of lesser scope requiring an estimate. (Typically, costs are less than $1 million.) A 15% management fee will be assessed on non-E&G projects.

Work Pricing
Reimbursable work performed by Facilities’ shops and contractors is priced on an at-cost basis. The total charge is determined by established shop labor rates or contractor fees, materials, and equipment used to accomplish the work. Services or minor project work, which cannot be established in advance, are priced at cost. For customer project requests requiring estimating, a project is estimated using current shop rates and estimated material costs. When a project has been completed, actual costs are charged to the customer.

Shop Labor Rates
Service and remodeling project billings include labor charges associated with the performance of work by Facilities’ Shops. These charges are based on shop labor rates for each work center, which include direct salary costs, vacation, and sick leave benefits, and overhead.

Shop Rate

  • Air Conditioning $39.81
  • Carpentry $36.98
  • Electrical $38.84
  • Garage $35.50
  • Paint $29.32
  • Plumbing $40.13
  • Facilities Maintenance $32.34
  • Steam Distribution $39.11
  • Technical Services $48.09
  • Distribution Electrician $44.70
  • IMS $37.70
  • Round Rock $43.59
  • Custodial Operations $25.40
  • Grounds & Waste Management Operations $28.72
  • Irrigation $32.28
  • Recycling $27.51

Work performance is billed at cost as charges occur. Statements summarizing these charges can be viewed online. The time required to receive material invoices from vendors and to process payments often results in billing for some charges well after the actual completion of the work.

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