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A Guide to Recycling at Texas State

     There are a number of containers on campus where materials can be disposed of. This guide will help you identify what types of materials can be recycled and locate the right bin for them.

We Accept

Single Stream Material                             Paper & Cardboard                   Other Material

Empty containers:
(plastic, metal, aluminum, or glass – must be rinsed out and food free)
soda cans
water bottles
food containers
yogurt cups
soup or tuna cans
glass bottles

*Place single stream materials in any container labeled with an aluminum can and pastic bottle sticker.

        can     plasticbottle

Paper products:
sticky notes
file folders
cardstock (poster board, manilla, soda cartons)
books (soft & hard cover)
spiral (remove spiral binding)
shredded paper (please place in plastic bags beside container)

Break down boxes and place behind roll carts as in image below.

For metal pick up or drop off please contact Mario Garza for arrangements @ mg18 or Rachel Betts @ rb1324.

Toner Cartridges
(Large ones only. For small ones, contact the Office of Safety & Risk Mgmt.)
Safety & Risk Mgmt also recycles
batteries (no car batteries)
cell phones




We do NOT Accept

kitchen and food waste
paper plates
paper cups
food wrappers
containers with food still in them
aerosol cans
coat hangers
CDs or DVDs
pet food bags
motor oil bottles
garden hoses