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"How To" Guide

Recycling in the Texas State Community

There are recycling receptacles located throughout campus within academic buildings and residence halls. Outdoors' locations include areas near the Alkek Library, the LBJ Student Center, the Quad area, and bus loops. With these bins located across campus in convenient areas recycling can be easily practiced by all of the campus community.

Plastic bottles and aluminum cans may be co-mingled in any bin marked with either a plastic bottle sticker or aluminum can sticker. When using designated plastic and aluminum bins please empty the contents of bottles and cans before disposing of them in recycling containers.

OCC or corrugated cardboard is also accepted, however it should not be disposed of in the designated paper bins.

  • On differentiating cardboard and cardstock - Corrugated cardboard (OCC) and cardstock are both accepted items but the method for processing each item differs. OCC can be identified by its multi-layer construction. The middle wavy layer gives the cardboard strength and keeps it lightweight. Prepare OCC for recycling by keeping the cardboard flat and dry. Please remove all plastic wrapping, plastic bags, bubble wrap, styrofoam and styrofoam peanuts, and wood skids. Place behind paper roll carts for recycling crew to pick up. Please do not put cardboard boxes in paper bins. Cardstock is thicker and more durable than paper but not as thick as OCC. It is often used in postcards and scrapbooking. Cardstock can be placed in the paper bins. Paper boards, like the kind used for cereal boxes, can also be broken down and placed in designated paper bins.                           

If you have a large amount of cardboard that you would like to have picked up please call the Recycling Center or fill out the Emergency Pickup Form. If you have only a small amount of cardboard please break down the boxes and place them behind the paper bin. If you need to dispose of shredded paper please contact Mario Garza by calling the Recycling Center (512-245-7733) or by filling out the Emergency Pick Up form. Shredded Paper in plastic bags is not to be disposed of inside the paper bins.


Recycling bins for paper can be used for the disposal of all acceptable paper items listed on the What to Recycle page.

For a  comprehensive list of items that the Texas State Recycling Program accepts please review our What to Recycle page.

If you would like a recycling container for plastic, aluminum, or paper in your building or office please contact David Sambrano at for more information.

David Sambrano

 Outdoor Containers

Outdoor bins labeled like this bin above are only to be used for the recycling of aluminum cans and plastic bottles. Plastic bottles must have a base larger than the top and the lids or bottle caps are also acceptable. All other plastics are not recyclable through the Texas State Recycling Program at this time. Plastic grocery bags can be recycled at your local grocery store. Please do not dispose of aluminum foil or tin cans in these bins. (You may use the drop-off area at the Recycling Center.) Please empty all contents of cans and bottles before disposing of them in these bins. Soda water tends to attract bees and makes the sorting process very messy.

Indoor Containers

Pictured above are the three sizes of recycling containers available to offices and university buildings to be used for the recycling of plastic, aluminum, or paper. These bins are 32, 68, and 95 gallons of volume (left to right). 95-gallon bins are available primarily to be used for paper recycling but can be requested and used for buildings with large amounts of plastic or aluminum. The 32 and 68-gallon bins are available upon request to be used in academic buildings, residence halls, or for special events. To request an indoor recycling bin please contact David Sambrano by email at or fill out a request form.

Deskside Box

 To request a deskside box for your office contact David Sambrano at or fill out a request form. These are strictly for recycling paper.