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Contact Information

Main Phone Number: (512) 245-2148

Main Fax Number: (512) 245-1466

Work Requests

Customer Service: (512) 245-2824

Customer Service Email:

Contact Us - Report a Problem

Use this link to report concerns that need attention on campus.  An AiM login is not required.


Facilities Directory


Associate VP

  Tom Shewan 512-245-2820

Senior Administrative Assistant

  Karen Munoz 512-245-2820

Facilities Management


Interim Director

  Edie Harvey 512-245-8488

Business Manager

  Lindsey Sinner 512-245-2518

Facilities Operations



  Doug Bynum 512-245-8555

Administrative Assistant

  Deborah De La Cruz 512-245-7785


Utilities Operations



  Jim Vollrath 512-245-2517

Administrative Assistant

  TBD 512-245-1985  

Planning, Design & Construction


Interim Director

  Larry Miller 512-245-2202


Administrative Assistant

  Amy Thomas 512-245-2202

Custodial Operations


Assistant Director

  Fermin Torres 512-245-2840

Grounds and Waste Management Operations



  Nathan Lawrence 512-245-7846

Administrative Assistant

  Dawn Kiger