Fleet Vehicle Information

Purchasing a Vehicle

Procedures for operating a vehicle including purchasing a vehicle, mileage logs, and accident reporting are also contained in UPPS 05.05.03. Fleet Management Plan.

Click here for Vehicle request form (Attachment I in Fleet Management Plan).


Driving a University Vehicle

All personnel who drive University Vehicles are required to have a drivers license check prior to driving. We have the ability to check Driver Records over the internet. Policies concerning driving a University Vehicle are outlined in UPPS 05.05.02, Driver Selection.

Click here for Driver Approval Request Form

Click here for Monthly Vehicle Inspection Form


Fleet Gas Cards

Facilities Management oversees the State Gas Card program at Texas State-University. Personnel using state gas cards must have a PIN loaded in the Fleet Gas Card system. The standard PIN for gas card users is their Texas State ID number (PLID). If you need to have a PIN loaded please E-mail Lindsey Sinner at lmd92@txstate.edu. You will need to provide person’s name, PLID #, and department.


Fleet Fuel Report

Fuel expenses are available by report.  The report will print transactions for your Vehicle Fuel Work Order for a given date range (The date range is normally 30 days starting the 24th of one month to the 24th of the next month).  You must log in to AiM to run this report. (Click here for AiM log in page)


  • From AiM Work Desk, Click Work Management under Menu
  • From Work Managment, Click Work Order under Menu.
  • Click 192-WO/PHASE FUEL TRANS V report under Report Listing.

At the Report Window:

  • Enter your Fuel work order
  • Enter Start Date (i.e. 10/24/2015)
  • Enter End Date (i.e. 11/24/2015)

Then Click OK.  The Report will be displayed in PDF format, you may choose to print it or save it.