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What To Recycle


You can download an Excel spreadsheet of our Recycle Right chart here:


Paper Products:
·         white and colored paper
·         file folders (all colors)  
·         envelopes
·         self-adhesive notes
·         card stock (poster board, soda cartons, manila)
·         adding machine tape
·         fax paper
·         books (soft and hardcover)
·         newspaper
·         magazines and catalogs
·         spiral notebooks (please remove spiral binding)
·         junk mail
·         shredded paper (bag and place beside roll-carts, not inside of them)
·         Phone books
Cardboard boxes: (Please remove Styrofoam packaging and all other contents, and break down boxes.) 
All Empty Food Containers: (Free of food waste)
·         Empty plastic containers #1-7's
·         Plastic margarine tubs
·         Yogurt cups 
·         Tin Cans
·         Steel Cans
·         Glass Containers
·         Aluminum Cans 
Large Toner Cartridges: (Please have toners in original packaging.)
Currently we pick up toners weekly from the following locations:
·         LBJ Student Center
·         Alkek Library
·         Nueces Building 
·         The Print shop
·         JCK Building
·         Hines Building
If you would like your toner cartridges picked up: Please call us or fill out a Pick Up Request Form.
Batteries, Ink Cartridges, & Phones:
Unacceptable Items
·         Kitchen and food waste – includes pizza boxes, paper plates, cups, and food wrappers
·         Bathroom waste (paper towels and tissues)
·         Plastic grocery bags 
·         Plastic eating utensils
·         Plastic rings from 6-packs
·         Plastic packaging
·         Bubble wrap
·         Styrofoam
·         Tyvek envelopes and other Tyvek products