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What buildings are maintained by Custodial Operations?

Custodial Operations is responsible for the cleaning services in Academic and General Buildings.  A portion is sub-contracted out. To see a complete listing click here.

What is the difference between routine cleaning and special requests?

ROUTINE CLEANING includes emptying of the trash, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning up spills and sanitizing an assigned work area daily. Stripping/waxing floors and shampooing carpets are competed at scheduled intervals. To see a listing of cleaning expectations, click here.
SPECIAL CLEANING: Our custodial staff will perform non-scheduled cleaning requests (including unscheduled floor maintenance or special cleaning requests not included in the custodian’s routine). Because these special requests may requiring extra time, supplies or equipment, a charge MAY be assessed for them.
Submit special cleaning requests via the AiM work request system for both in house and contracted buildings.

What are some typical calls that Custodial Operations receives?

Some examples of calls that the department receives are cleanup of spills, restocking paper goods, flooding emergencies, and illness clean ups, etc..

Will I get charged for a Custodial Request?

The majority of the Customer Requests received by Custodial Operations do not result in additional charges.
Special Requests that are more extensive than routine work may result in an additional charge.
Contact Custodial Operations or Contract Services for any billing inquiries:

Custodial Operations Director

Kim Graves - 245-2181


Custodial Operations Assistant Director

Fermin Torrez - 245-2181

Contract Services Director

Jennifer Mitchell - 245-5918





How do I complete a Customer Request for Custodial Services?

For both In-House and Contract Services
Facilities Department
Customer Service Manager
Cindy Voigt
(512) 245-2824
Complete a request through AiM

I have an upcoming event and need custodial coverage during the event. How do I schedule that coverage?

Go to AiM and complete a Custodial Request. Be sure to include contact information, date of the event and as much detail as possible for us to help make your event a success. 
For questions about how to complete an AiM Custodial Request, contact:
Facilities Department
Customer Service Manager
Cindy Voigt

 For billing questions related to paid events, contact:

Custodial Operations Director

Kim Graves  - 245-2181


Custodial Operations Assistant Director

Fermin Torrez  - 245-2181

Contract Services Director

Jennifer Mitchell  - 245-5918         




Custodial Contract Administrator

Jon Gaddis - 245-1396

I need a Custodian to unlock a room?

Custodial Operations nor the Contract Services unlock doors. Department Heads should have designated personnel that have keys to offices, classrooms and labs in their respective building. If you the customer (student, staff or faculty) lose or misplace your door keys please contact your supervisor, department head or UPD for assistance. The Custodial staff employees are not authorized for security and safety reasons to unlock any internal classroom doors for anyone.

Does Custodial Operations have a lost and found?

Custodial Operations nor Contract Services maintain a lost and found.  To inquire about lost and found property, call 512.245.2805 or stop by the UPD office.

We have a paper towel dispenser in our private break are, lab, or classroom. How do we order paper supplies for these?

Private areas are the responsibility of the department. You may order your supplies to replenish the dispensers via BOBCATALOG.

Will a Custodian change a light bulb?

Please place a customer request through AiM and the appropriate electrician will be dispatched.

I need my furniture/equipment moved, what do I do?

The Materials Management department will help with all of your moving needs.

Contact them at: 245-2294


visit the Materials Management web page 

The trash cans outside my building need to be emptied?

Depending on the exact location and proximity to your building, either the Grounds Maintenance Department or Custodial Operations could be responsible. The best way to address your concern is to place a Customer Request request through AiM with the details on the location and Facilities will assign the order to the proper department.
To place a Customer Request, click here